About Us

At Très Chic Lashes, we wanted to bring you nothing but the best and offer you quality, cruelty-free lashes!

Made of a premium high end quality flexible cotton band that feels so natural; no-one will even know you are wearing them! Our mink is obtained by gently brushing live animals, and is sterillized before being hand-assembled into a durable, high quality finished product - Free from chemical processing and dyes creating the perfect hypoallergenic lashes. Our lash boxes are made out of recyclable packaging.

We strive to be the leaders in false eyelashes around the globe by providing groundbreaking products and attentive customer service. We want to ensure that you feel your best whenever you put on a pair of Très Chic Lashes.  

A huge thank you to our Photographer Alex Murg and Make-Up Artist, Ashley Christine of Reigning Artistry.